Assigning Follow Ups Upon Approval

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: August 4th, 2021

If your process contains follow up forms you will be will be presented with the Assign Follow Ups grid after approving the request and adding your installments. The Assign Follow Ups pop up allows you to assign multiple follow up forms at once. You may choose not to assign follow ups by clicking the Cancel button and assign follow ups manually at a later time. If follow up assignment is skipped the request will move into the Approved workload page on the Dashboard.

If you do wish to assign your follow ups at this time:

  • Click the checkbox to the left of the form name(s) you wish to assign
    • If you configured the Auto Due Date feature for the follow ups by default the checkboxes will be selected for those follow ups
  • Indicate if the follow up should be attached to the Overall Award or a specific installment via the Attach To drop down. See this article for more details on this step: Attach Follow Up to Overall Award or Installment Form
  • Enter the follow up due date.
    • If you configured the Auto Due Date feature for the follow ups by default the due dates will already be present in the Due Date field. You may change the dates if needed.
    • Keep in mind that follow ups must be completed sequentially by due date.
      • If you need the recipient to work on more than one follow up at a time, you must give them the same due date.
  • Next, select the contact the form should be assigned to.
    • By default the applicant/request owner will be selected but you may choose a different contact from the same organization by clicking on the dropdown list and selecting the desired contact.
      • Please note only users within that organization who have active log on credentials will appear in the list.
      • Note that if a follow up form is assigned to a contact within the organization that is NOT that applicant, the request will also appear on the assignees Dashboard. They will have the ability to view all of the forms in the request but will only be able to edit follow up forms assigned to them.
  • After entering the assignment information for the desired follow ups click the Assign Selected Follow Ups button.
    • The assignee will then see the assigned follow up forms on their dashboard (unless the Show Follow Ups with Decision Status setting is configured).
      • If you have configured the To Applicant when Assigned automatic email for the follow up it will also be sent at this time.
        • When assigning multiple follow ups to the same person, if each follow up has the To Applicant when Assigned email configured in the process, the assignee will receive multiple emails.
  • Requests that have follow ups assigned immediately after approval will be moved into the Follow Up Draft workload page on the Dashboard but will be available in the All Open Approvals workload page if needed. 
    • In the follow up workload pages, each follow up will have its own row, whereas on the other workload pages there is only one row designated for each request.
      • For example: If you assigned a grantee a Grant Agreement and a Final Report there will be a row for the Grant Agreement and a row for the Final Report in the Follow Up Draft workload page.