Attach Follow Up to Overall Award or Installment Form

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: March 19th, 2021

When assigning a follow up form, you have the option to attach the form to the overall award, or to a specific installment form. The default is to attach it to the overall award, but clicking the dropdown (pictured below) gives the option to select a specific installment.

Attaching a follow up to a specific installment doesn't affect your workflow in GLM/SLM or the applicant's workflow. The main benefit is giving visibility to both you and the applicant about a follow up form being related to an installment. This is helpful in instances where a follow up (i.e. a grant agreement or scholarship acceptance form) needs to be received before funds are released.

This information is visible in the following places: 

  • Request Summary, in the Follow Ups tab. 

  • Applicant dashboard.

  • When running a report, via the following steps:  
    • Set the output to One Row per Installment
    • Include Installment Balance, Installment Due Date, Form Type, and Form Name as fields in the data set.
      • It might also be helpful to include Submission Status for visibility around whether or not a specific follow up has been submitted. 
    • A follow up attached to an installment will show data in the Form TypeForm Name, and Submission Status columns, and you'll be able to see the related Installment Balance and Installment Due Date data as well. 
      • You can then apply a filter to only show rows of data with "FollowUp" in the Form Type column, so you're only viewing follow ups attached to installments in the report.