Entering Payments

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 15th, 2018

Payments can be entered for Approved requests with at least one Installment. Entering payments allows you to track which installments have been paid and which are outstanding. Entering payments is not required however it is recommended as a good check and balance with your external accounting system.  

You may enter payments through the Request Summary page in the Award Details tab. 

  • Access the installment for which you’d like to add a payment then selecting the “Make  Payment” button.
  • Enter the payment Amount and the payment date. 
    • If desired also include the check number and payment comments. 
  • Click the “Make Payment” button to finalize the payment record. 
    • The payment will be reflected in the installment record as well as the installment summary at the top of the Award Details tab. 
  • Should you need to edit the payment click the edit icon next to the payment, make your updates, then click Update payment. 
  • To delete the payment click the red x or delete button next to the payment. 
    • The Amount Paid totals will update accordingly in the Installment Summary. 

Payments may also be entered in the Payment Tracking page by clicking the plus sign icon next to the applicable installment.