Manual Request Entry

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: March 18th, 2021

Administrators can manually enter requests for any existing organization or contact in the system. This can be done via the User Summary page or the Organization Summary page (for GLM sites). Once a request is manually entered, it can be moved through the process as usual or immediately denied or approved.

Common Uses

Below are some common scenarios where manual request entry is used: 

  • Entering historical requests into your GLM/SLM site for reporting purposes. 
  • Entering any paper applications you receive into your site, so that they can be managed with all other requests. 
  • Entering discretionary awards. 

If you plan to enter many manual requests (e.g. for recording historical awards), consider creating one or more internal processes for this purpose. This keeps requests organized and allows you to make application questions optional for manual entry purposes. 

Visibility to the Applicant

Manually entered requests are visible on an applicant's dashboard at different points depending upon the type of process used: 

  • Internal Process: the request will only appear on the applicant's dashboard once it's been approved or denied. 
  • Public or Restricted Process: the request will only appear on the applicant's dashboard once it's been marked complete. 

Manual request entry is designed for administrators to input requests.

This feature cannot be used for an applicant to finish an application started on their behalf by an administrator.

Manually Enter a Request

From the Organization Summary or User Summary page, click Create Request in the Request History tab. 

You'll land on a page with a drop-down list of all activated process that start with the application stage.

Processes starting with the LOI stage cannot be used for manual entry.

If you need to enter a request into a process with an LOI stage, you'll have to proxy in as the applicant to submit the LOI and application on their behalf.

  • Choose the desired process from the drop-down list, select a contact to assign the request (if you started from the User Summary this will not be visible), then click Continue.
    • For GLM sites, you have the option to select "Unassigned" instead of choosing an actual contact.

The next page displays the application form. All required questions on the form must be completed before you can finish entering the request.

 You have the option to finish entering this request at a later time by clicking Save Application at the bottom of the page. You'll also see the option to put this request in the Application Complete status (click Application Complete), deny the request (click Deny), or approve the request (click Approve).