Manual Request Entry


Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: September 30th, 2019

Administrators can manually enter requests for any existing organization or contact in the system. This can be done via the User Summary page or the Organization Summary page. 

Manually Entering a Request

From the Organization Summary or User Summary page, click the Create Request button located in the Request History tab. 

This will direct the administrator to a page with a drop-down list of all activated process containing only an application. (Process with LOI will not be eligible for manual request entry.)

  • Choose the Process from the drop-down list, and select a Contact to assign the Request (if you started from the User Summary this will not be visible), then select Continue.
    • For GLM sites, you have the option to select "Unassigned" instead of choosing an actual contact.

The next page will display the application including all questions to be completed. At the bottom will be four choices Save Application, Application Complete, Approve, Deny.

  • Approve – approve the request, give it an amount awarded, and assign follow ups.
  • Deny – deny the request. It will not appear on the dashboard but can be found via Requests & Decisions.
  • Application Complete – allows the application to be sent for evaluation. The application will reside in Complete under the Application section on the Dashboard and can then be assigned evaluators.
  • Save Application – save a draft of the application to come back and work on at a later date. The application will show up in Application Draft on the dashboard and be completed from there.