Add Installments to an Approved Request

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: December 9th, 2019
  1. Click on the project name to reach the Request Summary. 
    • The project name can be accessed from multiple locations, including a workload page (i.e. All Open Approvals), the User or Organization Summary page, or the Requests & Decisions search page. 
  2. Click the Award Details tab. 
  3. Click Add Installments.
  4. Enter the number of installments you want to add in the # To Add field.
  5. Enter the due date for the first installment you're adding. 
  6. Enter the number of months between the installments you're adding. This is an optional field, but can save time if you're adding multiple installments. 
    • The system will automatically configure the due dates of each installment you're adding, based on the initial due date and the months between installments. 
  7. Click Add Installments.
  8. The installments you're adding display on the next screen. Click on an installment to finish configuring it. 
  9. Enter the Installment Amount and any Installment Conditions.
  10. After configuring all installments, click Save Installments.

The Amount Awarded for the request is equal to the total of the installments. After you add installments, the Amount Awarded field on the approval form will automatically update to reflect the new Installment Total