Budgeting Tool

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 15th, 2018

The budgeting tool allows you to view the amount budgeted and funds remaining for your entire organization or for specific processes.To fully leverage the Budgeting tool you must:

  1. Complete the budget field in your process summaries. 
  2. Record installments for approved awards
  3. Record payments

By inputting your organization’s budget for each process and for the organization as a whole you can track how much money has been committed, how much has been paid out, and how much is still available.

  • To set a budget for a process, access the process.
  • Click on the Edit Process Summary tab to expand it.
  • Add a budget for that specific process then
  • Click Save Summary

To access the Budgeting tool, select “Budgeting” from the under the Tools drop down in the top navigation menu.This will take you to the Overall Budget page.  This tab allows you to track your organization’s total giving budget, the amounts committed, paid and still available. 

To utilize the Overall Budgeting tool:

  • Enter the budget date range in the Due After and  Due Before  fields 
  • Enter your budget amount into the “Amount” field 
  • Then click the Update Budget button.  
  • You may also select the processes you’d like included in your results via the Choose Processes button.
  • The amount paid, committed and available will now be reflected on your screen. 


To view the budgeted, committed, paid and available amounts per process click into the Process Budgets tab. 

  •  At the bottom of the budgets table you’ll find two charts.
  • The Budget Comparison chart shows the percentage of your total budget that each process represents.
  • The Available Comparison chart shows the percentage each process still has available in regards to total amount still available to give.
  • Finally,  should you need to update a process budget you may do so by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the applicable process.