Evaluation Report Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to capture evaluator scores and comments for evaluations within your process. It is beneficial that you take note the differences between Evaluation 1 and 2. These differences will help you sort the data so that you can capture exactly what you would like.

1. Add New Data Set

2. Name this report and select your process(es).

a. Create Data Set

3. Add your fields by putting a check mark by them

a. Under the "Request" tab you will find the EVALUATOR field selection options

4. Under the "Application" tab you will be able to access questions from your evaluation stages

a. Note: LOI Evaluations will be located under the "LOI" tab

Note: If you want to separate evaluation 1 and evaluation 2 you have to select a field that you can sort on. It is recommended to add "Form Name" and "Request Status"

Select "One row per Evaluation"

5. After you select RUN REPORT above you can then "Aggregate" based on the average Evaluation Score

6. You can also "Group"

a. Here I chose to "Group" based on Organization and Evaluation Score

7. Filter based on a difference between Evaluation 1 and Evaluation 2

a. Here you can see that Weston is the difference. Weston is an evaluator for Evaluation 1 so if we only want to capture data on Evaluation 2 we need to "Filter" out Weston

b. Click the "Filter" function and select "Not Contains" and enter a value.

Note: Values must be spelled exactly as they appear in the data!

8. Notice the changes below. Now only Evaluation 2 scores are contained in this report.

9. You can un-check columns that you used for sorting so that they do not appear in this report.

10. Once you have this report built and it appears as you like, you can select SAVE NEW REPORT

a. This report will now live in your SAVED REPORTS tab!

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