How do I build and run a report?

1. Welcome to the REPORTS home page! You are currently on the Saved Reports Page.

2. Build a report:

SELECT (located in the upper right of the screen)

3. Add the name and description of the report and select the process(es) that you would like to include:

4. Click Create Data Set from the Top Right.

5. Select the fields you wish to enter. They will appear in the right side of the screen in Selected Fields.

6. Shared questions will automatically be selected in all processes if one is clicked and will only appear once in the Selected Fields box.

7. All other questions will have to be selected in each process. They will show up as many times as they have been selected. In the example above it is twice.

8. Click on the repeated named question and click Combine/Rename Fields

9. Fill out the New name of the combined field and type in the separator you would like.

10. This will group them within the newly titled report.

11. Click Save from the Selected Fields on the right.

12. Make sure this is the screen that is shown.

13. Click Run Report in the top right.

14. Now have your report!

Common Errors

To fix the above all you have to do is press Save again on the selected fields and make sure you see the successfully saved screen.

There are a few likely reasons that you may be receiving the above error when you run a report:
  • There are duplicate fields located in your SELECTED FIELDS list.
  • There are special characters in the title of your question (ex. commas, semicolons, etc.)
  • There is no name for the question that you would like to include.
    1. This is common for evaluation questions that were only marked by an * in 4.10.

Click Here to view the Creating New Data Sets Video.

Click Here to view the Using the Reporting Tool Video.


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