How to Deny a Request One-At-A-Time

To deny requests one-at-a-time click on the Project Name link to access the Request summary Page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Deny Request” button

  • This will take you to the denial form where you must complete all of the required fields and then click “Deny Request”at the bottom of the form. This will change the status of the requests to “Denied” and move them off of the Dashboard.
    • Note that all questions marked “Required” must be completed before the form can be Denied.
    • If you do not answer all of the questions on the Denial form or click the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the Denial form, the request will move into the “Denial Draft” workload page on the Dashboard and will remain there until the Denial form is completed.

Administrators can complete the Denial form from the Denial Draft workload page by clicking on the “Review” icon next to the request, completing the remaining denial form questions, and clicking the “Deny Request” button, or:

  • The Administrator can select the desired requests from the Denial Draft workload page and select the denial option from the Batch Options dropdown list.
    • A pop up message will appear asking you to confirm the batch denials.
    • Once you click OK, the requests are immediately marked denied and moved off of the dashboard. You are not given the opportunity to update any fields when you batch deny from the denial workload page.
    • Requests that are batch denied from the Denial Draft page will be given the decision date as the time the administrator started the denial draft; or if the decision date field was left blank when the draft was saved the decision date will be assigned as “today’s date.
    • Only batch deny from the Denial Draft workload page if you know all desired fields are complete and the information is current.

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