Entering Payments

Payment Tracking allows One Time and Installment type requests to have payments. Both of these can have multiple payments against them as well.

  • To enter a payment click the Make Payment Icon to the far right of the request/installment. This will bring up the Make Payment pop up. 
    • This page shows the amount of payment, the date, the check number and has a section for comments. It also has the balance of the unpaid installments/amount awarded and the type of grant (installment/one time).
    • In the Payments box enter the payment amount, date of the payment, check number, and any comments about the payment. Click Make Payment.
  • To view a previous payment or review your work, click the View Payment icon. This allows you to see any the total amount awarded, the number of follow ups assigned, any payment conditions, and the details of each payment made.
    • To edit or delete a payment from the Payment Tracking page, click the View icon and then click the pencil icon to the very right of the payment to edit it or click the red X to delete the payment.
  • Clicking the Quick Export button at the bottom of the payment tracking page will download an excel version of the payment information listed above.

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