How to Approve or Deny an Application

Once evaluations are closed it is time to make a decision of whether the request(s) will be approved or denied.

  • It is common for committees to meet and discuss requests while the requests are in the Evaluation Closed status before the requests are Approved or Denied.
  • If you chose to skip evaluations, the request(s) will appear in the Evaluations Closed workload page


  • In the Evaluations Closed workload page, you can “Batch” deny requests by clicking the checkbox to the left of the requests name and selecting “Deny Requests” from the batch options dropdown list.
    • First, you are presented with a Deny Request pop up confirmation.
    • Upon clicking OK you are presented with a 2nd pop up where you can enter the decision date and any comments regarding the denials.
      • Please note that the information enter in these fields applies to all the selected requests.
      • If you need to enter individual denial information per request, you should deny requests one-at-a-time.
  • To deny requests one-at-a-time click on the Project Name link to access the Request summary Page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Deny Request” button
  • This will take you to the denial form where you must complete all of the required fields and then click “Deny Request”at the bottom of the form. This will change the status of the requests to “Denied” and move them off of the Dashboard.
    • Note that all questions marked “Required” must be completed before the form can be Denied.
    • If you do not answer all of the questions on the Denial form or click the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the Denial form, the request will move into the “Denial Draft” workload page on the Dashboard and will remain there until the Denial form is completed.
      • Administrators can complete the Denial form from the Denial Draft workload page by clicking on the “Review” icon next to the request, completing the remaining denial form questions, and clicking the “Deny Request” button, or:
      • The Administrator can select the desired requests from the Denial Draft workload page and select the denial option from the Batch Options dropdown list.
        • A pop up message will appear asking you to confirm the batch denials.
        • Once you click OK, the requests are immediately marked denied and moved off of the dashboard. You are not given the opportunity to update any fields when you batch deny from the denial workload page.
        • Requests that are batch denied from the Denial Draft page will be given the decision date as the time the administrator started the denial draft; or if the decision date field was left blank when the draft was saved the decision date will be assigned as “today’s date.
        • Only batch deny from the Denial Draft workload page if you know all desired fields are complete and the information is current.
    • Please note that there is not a way to undo Batch denials. Any denials completed in batch that need to be moved back in status will have to be reverted one-at-a-time.


  • Requests that are being approved must be approved individually by clicking on the “Project Name” link and then clicking on the “Approve Request” button at the bottom of the Request Summary page.
    • There is no Batch Approval option as unique award information must be entered for each approved request.
  • As soon as the “Approve” button is clicked, the administrator will be presented with the “Approval” form.
    • All questions marked “required” must be answered before the Approval process can be completed.
  • It is important to note that there are several “System Fields” present on every approval forms that must be answered.
    • The first required field is Grant Type. The answer selected in the Grant Type field determines the fields you will be presented to complete.
      • If “One Time”is selected you be required to enter the:
        • Amount Awarded,
        • Decision Date, and
        • (Payment) Due Date.
          • The payment due date is your best estimate as to when the payment will go out.
          • The date can be edited after the approval is finalized to reflect the actual payment date.
      • If “Installment” is selected in the Grant Type field, you will be required to enter the:
        • Amount Awarded,
          • meaning the total amount of the grant
        • the First Installment Date,
          • Again, this is your best guess as to when the first payment will go out.
        • the Number of Installments, and
        • the number of Months Between Installments.
          • By default the system will equally divide the total Amount Awarded between the number of installments entered. The system will also assign each installment a specific payment due date based on the number of months between installments.
            • Installment information can be edited and installments can be added or removed after saving the form and finalizing the approval.
            • Installment conditions can also be added once the installments have been created.
              • These updates are completed on the Request Summary Page
          • Once the installment information is entered you may optionally complete the Decision Comments field.
      • If you select “Matching” from the Grant Type drop down menu you will be required to enter the:
        • the Amount Awarded,
        • the (Payment) Due Date,
        • the Matching Percent, and
        • the Matching Due Date.
        • You may optionally complete the fields:
          • Amount Raised
          • Amount Matched
          • Conditions
          • Decision Comments
            • Keeping in mind that this information can be updated after the approval is finalized, as some of the optional information might not be available at the time of approval.
            • Remember, if you will be making multiple installments you should record the Matching grant as an Installment grant and record the matching details in the Decision Comments field.
              • These updates are completed on the Request Summary page.
    • The Decision Date field is also a required field on the Approval form.
      • By default this field will be prepopulated with the current date.
        • This date can be edited by selecting a new date from the calendar picker or by typing in the date in “MM/DD/YYYY” format.
        • The decision date can be backdated, and often is, to reflect the board meeting date, committee meeting date, or whatever date the approval decision was made.
    • You must also complete any custom fields you created on the Approval form.
    • Once all required fields are complete you may optionally complete
      • the Decision Comments field, and the
      • Conditions field.
  • After all of the required questions have been answered the request can be approved by clicking the “Approve Request” button at the bottom of the page.
    • The system will not let you approve the request unless all required questions have been answered.
  • Approval forms may be saved as drafts and Approvals may be finalized at a later date. Approval drafts are housed in the Draft workload page in the Approval stage on the Dashboard.
    • To finalize an Approval, click into the Approval Draft workload page and click on the “Review” or paper/pencil icon to the right of the request.
    • Please note that once an approval is saved to draft the “Grant Type” can not be changed.
      • One Time Grants can automatically be updated to Installment grants by adding an installment in the Request Summary.
    • Finalize the form, making sure all required fields are complete and then click the Approve Request button at the bottom of the form.
    •  The Approval is now complete.

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