Payment Tracking Overview

Payment Tracking is a tool used to track the amount of approved funding and payments recorded in Grant Life Cycle Manager (GLM). Clients can track the amount approved within a specific time frame along with the payment status of each request.

When a request is approved in GLM, the administrator enters an Amount Awarded and a Payment Due Date. The Payment Due Date correlates with the Payment Tracking tool's Date Range and when the payments are due. Following are the steps involved in Payment Tracking:

  1. Click on "Choose Process(es)" to select specific processes you would like to include.
  2. Choose a Due On or After and Due On or Before. The due on or after and due on or before will show the payments whose Due Dates are within the date range.
    • If you cannot update the date range, go back to the budgeting page and set a budget.
    • Below the date range, the total budget information appears
      • Total Amount – The total amount committed
      • Paid – the total amount paid
      • Balance – amount of funding left to be paid
  3. You have the option to hide all fully paid requests by checking the "Hide Fully Paid" box.
  4. You can filter your results to show you specific Request Statuses
    • For example, if you only wanted to view requests that were still open you would check all options except "Closed"
    • To view all requests statuses available you can leave all boxes unchecked or check them all
  5. After the Date Range is entered, click "Search". This will present the approved requests and their amounts. These amounts are the one time, Installment, or matching amounts entered at approval.
    • If there are installment requests, the installments for the given date range will appear. If there are installments missing in the list, the date range will have to be extended.
  6. After the criteria has been set and you complete the search, you will see the same results (matching that search criteria) the next time you navigate to the payment tracking page.

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