Budgeting Tool

View the amount budgeted and remaining funds for your organization as a whole or specific processes.

The budgeting tool allows you to input your organization’s budget for each process and for the organization as a whole and track how much money has been committed and paid out.

To set a budget for a process, click on Process Manager under the Tools tab in the top navigation. Once in the process manager page, click on the process to which you’d like to add a budget. Once inside the process, click on the Edit Process Summary tab to expand it:

Don’t forget to click SAVE SUMMARY once you had added the budget information. 

Clicking on the “Budgeting” link under the Tools tab,  will take you to the “Overall Budget” page.  This tab allows you to track your organization’s total giving budget, the amounts committed, paid and still available.

To utilize the Overall Budgeting tool enter the timeframe of giving you would like to track into the “Due On or After” and “Due On or Before” fields and your budgeting giving amount into the “Amount” field and click the “Update Budget” button.

By default, all processes will be included but you may filter by clicking the “Choose Process(es)" button, select the processes you would like to include and click the “Save” button.

After you are done filtering and setting the date range and amount the page will reflect the:

  • Total Amount Paid
  • Total Amount Committed that has not been paid and the
  • Amount of your budget that is still Available.

You may click the “View Payments” link to view the “Payment Tracking” page.

The Process Budgets tab allows you to see the budgeted amount for the processes, which are entered in the Process Summary, the amounts committed and paid and the amount that is still available for each process.   

The Budget Comparison pie chart shows the percentage of your total budget that each process represents.

The Available Comparison pie chart shows the percentage each process still has available in regards to total amount still available to give.

Finally, you can update the budget for a process from this page instead of updating it from the process manager page. Click the pencil icon that is in line with the process budget you want to update. Update the budget and click "Update Process Budget" to save.

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