Setting Evaluators in a Process

Before evaluators can be assigned to review a specific application they must be added to the process evaluator list.

  1. Click on Tools in the Navigation Menu at the top of the page
  2. Click on Process Manager
  3. Click on Process Name for the process you want them to evaluate
  4. Select the Process Stage: LOI or Application (depending on which form is being evaluated)
  5. Select the Evaluation tab (depending on if it's an LOI Evaluation or Application Evaluation)
  6. Select your Evaluator role from the drop-down list – You must choose what role (Administrator, Board Member or Staff Evaluator) will be completing this evaluation

  1. Click on the # Selected button with the person icon on it (located to the right of the Evaluator role name selected)
  2. Select the boxes next to the evaluator names you would like to include in the pool of evaluators available to review requests in this process and then click Save Selection

Once you have selected and saved evaluators to your process evaluator list you may now assign them forms for review.

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