Organization Custom Fields

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: October 2nd, 2019


Custom fields can be added to the Organization Registration page. This page is part of the registration process when a new applicant creates an account.

The data collected in these fields is visible in an organization's Organization Summary. 

Contact your CSM to add or edit custom fields on your Organization Registration page.

Custom Fields

All question types except File Upload, Text and Upload, and Nested Lists are available on the Organization Registration page. 

Adding custom fields to this page allows you to collect additional information about each organization upfront. 

Best practice is to collect more static information at registration, as you will not have a record of the original response if the information is changed. More dynamic information that tends to change from year to year should be collected within a request (i.e. on the Application form).

Custom fields on the Organization Registration page can be pulled into a report, but not a merge template at this time.

After registration, an applicant can only view the information they entered in any custom fields if you've enabled the setting for them to View Organization History.