Request Status Updates and Visibility

The “Show Application Status Updates” feature allows you to share decision information with your applicants on their Dashboard.

  • By default, the only statuses the system will show are “Draft” “Submitted” or Complete.
    • Draft for when an LOI or Application are in draft form.
    • Submitted for when an LOI or Application has been submitted.
    • Complete only applies to Follow Ups. 
  • When the Show Application Status Feature is turned on a Decision row is added to each request tab on the applicant dashboard.
    • The decisions will reflect “Undecided” until the request is approved or denied.  
    • Once a decision is made a View Details link will appear on so that applicants can view decision information
      • The status will also update to Approved or Denied.
  • By default, applicants will immediately see the decision information if this attribute is turned on. 
    • However, a delay can be set so you have time to contact your applicants before they log in and see their decision status.
    • The delay is set according to the decision date.  
      • For example:  if you have a 30-day delay set, a grant approved on June 1 will appear as “Undecided” until July 1.
    • Many administrators choose to set a delay because they want to send out decision letters or call the applicants to notify them of their decision.  
      • Adding a delay is also nice to have in place if you accidentally approve or deny a request. The delay will not show your error and give you the time to adjust the status of the request.
  • Please contact Foundant Support if you would like to have this feature turned on. 

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