Public Apply Page

With the Public Apply Page feature, administrators can give prospective applicants access to a read only view of the “Apply” page. This allows prospective applicants to review grant opportunities prior to creating an account in your system.  

  • By default, this feature is turned off.  This can be turned on from the Settings page by selecting the gear icon at the top of any page.
  • After the feature is turned on, administrators can get the link to the Public Apply Page from the Process Manager page.  
                When the Get Public Apply Link  button is clicked, a pop-up window containing the link to the “Public Apply Page” appears. 
    • This link can be copied and pasted into an email template or added as a hyperlink on your website.
  • When an applicant clicks the link they will be taken to a “VIEW ONLY” version of the Apply page. They can click the “Preview” button for any processes that are turned on and have the Public visibility setting. 
    • Applicants that have been provided an access code, may enter the access code to preview the restricted process or processes that correlate to the specific access code.
  • Applicants do not have the ability to apply from this page. 
    • They will need to go to the logon page by clicking the “Log On/Create an Account to Apply” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen where they can either sign in, if they already have an account, or click the “Create New Account” button to complete the registration process.

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