Site Attributes (What parts of my site can Foundant customize?)

The following features are customizable by Foundant only. You, as an administrator do not have the ability to make these changes. If you would like any of the following features updated please contact

Free Customizable Attributes

Duplicate Tax ID Warning Message

  • The Duplicate TAX ID Warning Message is an optional, customizable message that will appear during registration when the applicant enters a TAX ID number that has already been registered in the system. Here is an example message:

Attention Applicant! The Tax ID number you have entered is already registered in the system. Please do not create a duplicate account. Please contact the Foundation at to receive your log on credentials.

  • Please note, that this message does not prevent the applicant from completing the registration process. 
    • The applicant can ignore the message and proceed through the registration process.  Though this is less likely if a good message is in place.
  • Some administrators choose not to activate this message. 
    • Instead, the administrator allows applicants to create duplicate accounts, then the administrator uses the Duplicate Search tool on the Organizations page to identify and merge duplicate organization records.
  • Please contact Foundant Support if you would like to add the Duplicate TAX ID Warning Message to your registration process.  

Email Friendly Name

  • The Email Friendly Name is the name that appears as the sender on any email sent out of your Grant Lifecycle Manager system.
    • All emails in the system are sent from
    • The Email Friendly Name proceeds this system email address.
    • By Default, the Email Friendly Name is your foundation’s name, so it is very easy for your applicants to identify that the email is from your organization.
      • Please note that the Email Friendly Name can be updated to any name that you specify. 
      • Additionally, it is best practice to advise applicants to add to their safe sender list.

    • Please contact Foundant Support if you would like to change your Email Friendly Name.

Log On Page Message 

  • A custom message can be added to the right-hand side of your logon page to welcome applicants to your online grant-making systems and provide them with basic instructions.
    • Here is an example message:

Welcome to the Foundation’s online grant portal.

New Users: Please click on "Create New Account" to complete the registration process and create your logon credentials.

Existing Users: Please enter your credentials and log in. If you forgot your password, please use the “Forgot your Password” link to the left to reset your password.

Not Sure? If you think that you or someone at your organization has already registered in the system, do not create a new account. Please contact our Grant Administrator, at to receive your username and password.

  • If you would like to add a Log On page message, please create the message you’d like added and send the request to

Registration Customization

  • The fields on the Registration Pages have limited customization ability.
    • Any of the fields can be made required, optional, or hidden
    • Fields can also be given formatting restrictions.
      •  These restrictions require applicants to provide responses in your desired format. 
        • For example: For fields that collect phone numbers, there is validation in the background of the field that will only allow applicants to enter phone numbers in the  XXX-XXX-XXXX format.
        • This way all of the phone numbers you collect in registration have the same formatting.
    • We also have the ability to turn off the Executive Officer Information sections, if you do not need to collect this information.
    • Additionally, we can add or edit the current instructions in any of the registration sections.
  • To view all of the sections in the registration process, click on the “Create New Account” button on the log on page.  Practice walking through the registration process, taking note as you go of any changes you would like made.
    • Note:  If you are working in your Live site, please cancel registration when you get to Password creation section, to avoid adding invalid data to your site. 
  • Send registration update requests to

Public Apply Page

  • With the Public Apply Page feature, administrators can give prospective applicants access to a read only view of the “Apply” page. This allows prospective applicants to review grant opportunities prior to creating an account in your system.  
  • By default, this feature is turned off.  To have it added to your site please email asking to have the “Public Apply Link” turned on for your site.
  • After the feature is turned on, administrators can get the link to the Public Apply Page from the Process Manager page.  
    • When the Get Public Apply Link  button is clicked, a pop-up window containing the link to the “Public Apply Page” appears. 
      • This link can be copied and pasted into an email template or added as a hyperlink on your website.
  • When an applicant clicks the link they will be taken to a “VIEW ONLY” version of the Apply page. They can click the “Preview” button for any processes that are turned on and have the Public visibility setting. 
    • Applicants that have been provided an access code, may enter the access code to preview the restricted process or processes that correlate to the specific access code.
  • Applicants do not have the ability to apply from this page. 
    • They will need to go to the logon page by clicking the Log On/Create an Account to Apply” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen where they can either sign in, if they already have an account, or click the “Create New Account” button to complete the registration process.

Status Updates

The “Show Application Status Updatesfeature allows you to share decision information with your applicants on their Dashboard.

  • By default, the only statuses the system will show are “Draft” “Submitted” or Complete.
    • Draft for when an LOI or Application are in draft form.
    • Submitted for when an LOI or Application has been submitted.
    • Complete only applies to Follow Ups. 
  • When the Show Application Status Feature is turned on a Decision row is added to each request tab on the applicant dashboard.
    • The decisions will reflect “Undecided” until the request is approved or denied.  
    • Once a decision is made a View Details link will appear on so that applicants can view decision information
      • The status will also update to Approved or Denied.

  • By default, applicants will immediately see the decision information if this attribute is turned on. 
    • However, a delay can be set so you have time to contact your applicants before they log in and see their decision status.
    • The delay is set according to the decision date.  
      • For example:  if you have a 30-day delay set, a grant approved on June 1 will appear as “Undecided” until July 1.
    • Many administrators choose to set a delay because they want to send out decision letters or call the applicants to notify them of their decision.  
      • Adding a delay is also nice to have in place if you accidentally approve or deny a request. The delay will not show your error and give you the time to adjust the status of the request.
  • Please contact Foundant Support if you would like to have this feature turned on. 

Site Skin Updates

Customization of your “Site Skinallows you add your Foundation’s specific branding to your GLM site. 

  • On the Log On Page the following areas can be customized:
    • The header banner can be 50px to 300px in height and the width must be 1002px
      • The header banner image must be in png or jpeg format
      • Note: your graphic designer can create this for you
  • Once logged into the system, the following site skin characteristics can be updated:
    • Header and footer colors
    • Header and footer text color
    • The hover color when you scroll across the navigation menu
    • The Header Logo
      • The header logo must be in png or jpeg format
      • Optimal size is 50 px tall 50 to 150 pixels wide
  • Send site skin update requests to

Custom User Role Names

  • The default the User Role Names are Applicant, Staff Evaluator, Board Member, Grants Manager, Auditor, and Administrator.
    • All of these role names can be customized.
      • For example, The Board Member role name can be updated to Committee Members, or the Grants Manager role name can be changed to Program Manager.
      • Note: It is best practice to first learn the privileges of each user role before you request to change the names.
    • Please contact Foundant support to request user role name updates.

View Organization History

The View Organization History attribute allows applicants to see all of the requests submitted by any other applicant within their organization.

  • By default, applicants can only see the requests they specifically submitted or requests that have been re-assigned to them by the system administrator.
  • This attribute can be turned on so that all users have access to their Organization History or you can select user by user who you would like to have access to their Organization History.

  • Please contact Foundant Support to have this attribute turned on and configured. 

Applicant ability to edit Organization Information

  • By default, applicants do not have the ability to edit Organization Information entered in the first section of the registration process after they have completed creating an account. However, you may give your applicants permission to update their organization information on a field-by-field basis. 
    • The Organization Information fields that you can allow applicants to edit include:
      • Organization Name
      • Tax ID Number
      • Website
      • DUNS Number
      • Phone Number
      • Fax Number
      • Organization Email Address
      • Address Line 1
      • Address Line 2
      • City
      • State
      • Postal Code
      • Country
    • When this functionality is turned on, you can set up an automatic email to go to you (the administrator), the applicant who made the change, and the organization’s primary contact. This email will automatically reflect the original organization information and the updates that were made.
      • All updates are also recorded in the Organization Change Log located in the Organization’s Summary. 
        • If you have View Organization History turned on, the applicant will also be able to view the organization change log.
    • Note: When this feature is enabled, the blue info box that shows in the organization section will have its text changed from “If your organization information does not appear correct, please contact the funder. Thank you.” to “ If your organization information does not appear correct, please click the edit (pencil) icon.”
    • Please email to activate this feature. Please provide the list of organization fields you would like your applicants to be able to edit.

Follow Up Automatic Email - Notification Days

  • Follow-up Reminder Notification Days
    • You have the ability to configure automatic emails that will go out to grantees who have not submitted follow up forms.  By default, these reminder emails will go out 14 days before a follow up is due.  
    • The number of days can be changed by
      • Note that this is a site wide change and will affect all follow up forms notifications of this type in the system.
  • You can also build automatic email templates that will be sent if a grantee does not submit their assigned follow-up by the specified due date. By default, this  Follow-up Past Due Notification is set to go out to any grantee that has not submitted a follow up, one day after the due date. The number of days can be changed by
    • Note that is also a site-wide change and will affect all follow up form notifications of this type.

Please note that neither one of these notifications will go out to grantees that have already submitted the applicable follow ups. 

Evaluator Options

Blind Evaluations

  • Applicant names and contact information can be hidden from evaluators if needed by turning OFF the Show Applicant Contact Information to Evaluators attribute.
    • By default, this attribute is turned on so evaluators will see applicant information.
    • Please note that this is a site wide attribute and can not be turned on for some process and off for others. The attribute setting will affect all evaluation stages in all processes.

Submission Confirmation Page

The Confirmation Page that appears when an applicant or grantee submits a form is customizable. If there is a message you would like to add to that page, contact Foundant Support.

Paid Customizable Attributes


  • Access Foundation Center, GuideStar, Great NonProfit information about organizations without leaving your Foundant GLM site. 
    • Standard and Advanced licenses automatically include Connect

Custom Print Packets

  • Do you need more customization on your print packets? Do they need to include more information? Would you like them to display your logo? Do you wish the information could be displayed differently on the page? We can help!

Expert Services

  • Whether you are looking for help getting started with Foundant GLM or just want someone to do it for you, Foundant Expert Service could be just what you are looking for.

Customized Applicant Tutorials

  • We offer a generic video and written instructional tutorial for applicants for free.
  • Would you like us to build a customized one? Please contact your Client Success Manager to ask about pricing. Don't know who that is? Please email

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