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How do I submit my granting data to Foundation Center, so I can use the eReport Map? 

This short tutorial will show users how they can generate and send their data to Foundation Center so the eReport Map can be activated in the GLM system. 


The fields required for an eGrants Report come standard in every Foundant GLM site. These custom fields allow Administrators to choose who answers these questions (Applicants and/or Administrators) and at what stage in the grant cycle. If Administrators wish to create different custom fields (i.e., County vs. Geographic Area), they can change the label of their standard custom field or they can create a new field. We do not limit or charge for the number of custom fields, so these questions can be changed and worked on at any time. 

Reporting on Data:

If you would like to “Get on the Map” please contact Foundant Support at We will build the report for you and let you know when it ready to be submitted to Foundation Center.

Once the report has been built, the steps below outline the process Administrators should go through to run and send the report.

Step 1: Click on Reports in your navigation list.

Step 2: Click “Run Report” to the right of your eGrants Report, which is found on the Saved Reports tab.

Step 3: Once you’ve reviewed the report, click the Export to: CSV button in the upper left-hand corner to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 4: Save the spreadsheet to your computer and attach it to an email. (Do not add any formatting to the report.)

Step 5:  Send the email to In the subject line of the email type "eReport for <Your Foundation Name> – Foundant Client".

Within 2 weeks Foundation Center will provide your Map information to Foundant. We will turn on the map and let you know when it is ready. 


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