Foundant Privacy Statement

At Foundant Technologies, security of your data is our highest priority. A close second is application availability/uptime. One of the great advantages of delivering our software as a hosted service is that we can afford to go the extra mile in these areas.

We believe timely and informative communication is a cornerstone of good customer service. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what's going on with a vital part of your enterprise. We will make every effort to make sure this doesn't happen at Foundant.

Our hosting is facilitated by Rackspace. After significant research and interviewing of various hosting partners, we felt they offered the safest, most reliable hosting available. In addition to being SAS70 compliant, they offer a level of support and expertise which we feel differentiates them from other hosting providers, and which will allow us to respond more quickly should any hosting issue arise.

Foundant's production servers utilize a Secure Site Pro 128-bit SSL certificate by VeriSign. VeriSign is the leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce, communications, and interactions for Web sites, intranets, and extranets. This is the same level of encryption used by banks and major financial institutions.

We have virtual Windows 2008 and virtual and physical Linux servers with all the latest service packs and security updates. Images of these servers are backed up weekly, with daily differential backups performed the other 6 days to ensure rapid recovery and seamless uptime in case of disk failure. The physical servers also use RAID 5 technology to provide further redundancy. In addition, our servers are behind a dedicated firewall. Only a few Foundant employees and the necessary Rackspace employees have access to these servers.

Our database and files are backed up on a daily basis and retained for at least 14 days. In addition, the production database is replicated in real time to a separate database server at Rackspace. Access to these servers is tightly restricted.

Software Upgrades
Application upgrades are planned to occur during off-peak hours. We communicate thoroughly with customers before, during and after upgrades.

Please Click Here to view the attached document which details the security of the data.

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