What can Foundant customize in my site?

The follow features are customizable by Foundant only. You, as an administrator do not have the ability to make these changes. If you would like any of the following features updated please contact support@foundant.com.

Free Customizable Attributes

Apply Page
  • The following message appears at the top of the application. This message is visible to applicants and can be customized. If you would like to have this message updated please send the language you would like added to support@foundant.com.

Duplicate Tax ID Message
  • We can add a message to your Registration Page that will pop up if an applicant enters a Tax ID# that is already in the system.
  • Please Click Here to learn more about this feature.

Friendly Email Name
  • The friendly name is the name that appears as the sender on an email.
  • By default, email that is sent from GLM will come from 'Administrator '
  • Please Click Here to learn more about this feature.

Logon Page Message
  • Add a message to your logon page.
  • Many clients use this space to welcome their applicants to their online grant-making systems and provide them with basic instructions.
  • Please Click Here to learn more about this feature and look at an example.
Registration Pages
  • Grant sites include 5 Registration Pages the applicant must complete: Organization Information, Applicant Information, Are You the Executive Officer, Executive Officer Information, and the Password Page.
  • There are many changes that can be made on all of these pages.
  • Any of the questions can be made required, hidden, or given a validation expression which only allows a certain answer or format of answer to be accepted.
  • If you don't need the Executive Officer Information page we can hide the entire page.
  • We can add or edit the current instructions on any of the pages.
Show Applicants Decision Information
  • Do you want your applicants to see the status of their grant? By default the system will only show Submitted as the grant status. We can turn this attribute on so that applicants can see when their grant is approved.
  • We can also set a delay so you have time to contact your applicants before they can log in and see if they have been approved or denied.
  • Please Click Here to learn more about this feature.
Site Skin
  • Would you like your online grant-making system to match your website or logo?
  • Send the image you would like us to use or the website you would like us to match your site to support@foundant.com.
Time Zone
  • We can change your site time zone to match your local time zone. The default time zone is US Central time.
User Role Names
  • The default role names are: Applicant, Staff Evaluator, Board Member, Grants Manager, Auditor, and Administrator.
  • All of these names can be edited.
  • Please Click Here to learn about what each role has access to.
View Organization History
  • If you have more than one applicant in an organization, by default, they can only see requests they have applied for and requests that have been reassigned to them.
  • We can turn on the View Organization History attribute so that other contacts within the organization can view all requests the Organization has in the system.
  • This attribute can be turned on so that all users have access to their Organization History or you can select user by user who you would like to have access to their Organization History.
  • Please Click Here to learn more about this feature.

Paid Customizable Attributes

  • Have access to useful information about applicants
  • Please Click Here to learn more.
Custom Print Packets
  • Do you need more customization on your print packets? Do they need to include more information? Would you like them to display your logo? Do you wish the information could be displayed differently on the page? We can help!
  • Please Click Here to learn more and to view examples.
Expert Services
  • Whether you are looking for help getting started with Foundant GLM or just want someone to do it for you, Foundant Expert Service could be just what you are looking for.
  • Please Click Here to learn more.

Customized Applicant Tutorials
  • We offer a generic video and written instructional tutorial for applicants for free. Would you like us to build a customized one?
  • Please Click Here to view the Applicant Tutorials.
  • Please contact your Client Success Manager to ask about pricing. Don't know who that is? Please email support@foundant.com

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