Operation Aborted Error - Internet Explorer

This error occurs in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 when the instructions for a form field contains an unclosed HTML tag. For example, it is possible to use the tag to make text bold or the tag to make text italic within an instruction field. Both of these tags must be terminated by a closing tag ( or respectively) in order to function properly.

Different browsers handle this error differently. While Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 will crash with an "Operation Aborted" error, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 will list the error in the browser's error console but will otherwise function normally. Firefox will completely disregard the error and function normally. A quick work-a-round for this error, therefore, is either have the applicant to upgrade to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or install an alternative browser like Firefox.

In order to actually correct this issue, however, it is advised that the grant administrator take the following steps.

  1. Login to the Grant Lifecycle Manager as an administrator.
  2. Click on Form Builder.
  3. Edit the form that caused Microsoft Internet Explorer to throw the error.
  4. Locate the form field instructions that are missing the HTML close tag.
  5. Add the close tag.
  6. Save the form.
In order to quickly locate the source of the error, it can be helpful to preview the form using a browser such as Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 which will not crash because of the error. For example, if it is tag that has not been closed, all the text below that tag will be bold. By finding where the bold text begins in the form preview, one can pinpoint the instruction field where the problem is originating.

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