Why am I having trouble uploading a file?

There a few different reasons one may experience file upload issues.

Some terminology is important to know before we begin:
  • File Name - The name of an actual file. For example "budget.xls"
  • File Path - The path to the file. For example "c:\budgets\FY2009\"

Below are known issues along with their resolutions:

Network Paths
Description: Files on network shares without a drive mapping. (e.g.:No Letter\\NetworkMachine\FolderName\file.txt) will cause GLM to throw an illegal character error.
Solution: Map the network folder to a drive letter or copy the files to be uploaded to a local drive on the PC (e.g.: :\GLMUploads\file.txt).

Multiple Periods
Description: Files may only have one "period" in the file specification. For example file.doc is a legal file name, but big.file.doc is not a legal file name nor is c:\uploads.mine\file.doc a legal file specification.
Solution: Remove extra periods or replace them with a dash or underscore character.

File size
Description: Files that exceed the maximum file size limit will cause an error.
Solution: Compress the files or use Fax to File to create a smaller file.

Please Click Here to learn about Fax to File.

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