Email History (Deliverability Status)

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The Email History page allows you to view the delivery status of emails sent from your Foundant site.

To access the Email History page, go to Communications in the top navigation menu and select Email History from the drop down list.

You may search for a specific email by using the Quick Search bar at the top of the page.

You may search for sent emails during a particular time frame by setting your desired time frame in the “Show Data On or After” after and “Show Data On or Before” date fields and clicking Search.

  • By default the dates are set to the last 90 days.

You may further filter your search by selecting the Email Statuses that you would like to appear in your search results. You may view Status definitions by clicking the blue info icon on the far right of the Email Statues tab.


 For example: If you only wanted to see emails that “bounced,” or in other words were rejected by the receiver, you would select “bounced” in the email statuses list.

  • Then click Search.

If no statuses are selected, by default all statuses will be reflected in your search results.

In your search results you can see:

  • the date the email was sent,
  • the status of the email,
  • who the email was sent to,
  • the Type of email and if it was an automatic email, what event triggered the email
  • the Email Subject
    • If you click on the email type you will be taken into the email template
    • If you click on the email subject you will be taken into the details of the email actually sent.


To review additional information regarding the email status, click on the status icon. If a sent email included a CC or BCC, those individuals will also be listed in the status details along with delivery details for each individual.

Please note that because this is a feature that was recently developed only email history from March 2017 forward is available in the system.

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