Building Email Templates Tutorial

The Email Template tool allows administrators to build email templates which can be manually sent or automatically sent in response to a specified event.

Follow these steps to build a new email template:

1. Click "Email Templates" in the left-hand side navigation menu
2. To build a new template click on the 'Add New Template' button. NOTE: To send an email "on-the-fly" click the 'Send (No Template)' Button
3. Fill out the following fields:
  • Template Name - The name administrators will choose in a list of templates.
  • From (Reply To) - This will be the email address applicants reply back to.
  • CC & BCC - This is a good are to copy an email address for historical purposes. The Cc and Bcc address will receive a separate copy of the email for each recipient it is sent to.)
  • Subject - Subject of the email.
  • Plain Text Body - The body of the email.
4. Click on the Email Notification Events tab, to reveal the event type options:
  • None
  • Applicant Assigned: sent to Applicant when a form is assigned to them (i.e. when an LOI is approved).
  • Evaluation Assigned: sent to Evaluators when they are assigned a form.
  • Applicant Submission Verification: sent to Applicant after Applicant submits a form.
  • Administrator Site Activity: sent to each selected Administrator when a form is submitted.
  • Follow Up Reminder: sent to Applicant 14 days before the due date on their follow up (contact to change the 14 days timeframe for all reminders).
  • Third Party Assigned: Sent to third parties when an applicant clicks the 'Send Email' button for a third party email.
5. Select the appropriate event type, if applicable.
6. Click Save.

The template will now appear on your Email Templates page.

Click Here to watch the Building Email Templates Video.

To learn how to set email notifications within a process, please CLICK HERE.


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