Scholarship Site Evaluator Workflow - Board Member

This answer will outline the workflow that an evaluator with the Board Member role goes through on a Scholarship Site.

Click HERE to view the workflow video.

Logging In
If you already have an account with the scholarship making organization:
  1. Enter your e-mail address, in the e-mail address field.
  2. Enter the password you were given by the foundation.
  3. Press the "Log On" button to enter the Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM).
If you have forgotten your password:
  1. Click the Forgot Your Password link.
  2. It will then ask for your email address.
  3. Type your email address and click Send Reminder.
If you do not have an existing account:
  1. Contact your Foundation Administrator and they will be able to provide you with these details.
Step 1: Dashboard
  1. After logging into the system, you will be directed to the Dashboard Page. This page displays the number of requests that have been assigned to you.
  2. Click on the "Board Member" link to review a list of all the pending applications that have been assigned to you for review.
Step 2: Evaluate Assigned Applications
  1. The Evaluation Workload Page displays a listing of the individual applications that have been assigned for you to review.
  2. Evaluate each assigned application by clicking on the "Review" icon (this looks like a paper and pencil on the far right of the page).
Step 3: Evaluate the Application
  1. The Evaluation Page allows you to evaluate each scholarship application according to the criteria set forth by your foundation.
  2. Access all forms submitted by the applicant as well as internally generated documents that have been attached by the administrator by clicking links at the top of the evaluation form.
  3. Answer each evaluation question on the form.
  4. After you have completed the evaluation questions, click on the "Save" button.
Step 4: Confirmation Page
  1. Once you have completed the scholarship application evaluation, you will be taken to a Confirmation Page.
  2. If you have any required questions unanswered they will be listed on this page.
  3. Clicking Continue returns you to the Evaluation Workload Page where scholarship applications assigned to you are listed.
Step 5: Review Scoring
  1. Your score will appear for each evaluation containing scoring questions that you have completed.
  2. A green check mark will appear for each evaluation that you have answered all of the required questions.
  3. Continue until all assigned applications have been evaluated. You can edit saved evaluations by simply clicking the Review link and resaving the evaluation form.
Shared Documents
  1. In the Shared Documents area you can view files uploaded by the administrator. Click on Shared Documents under tools to access the files.
Edit Your Profile or Log Off
  1. Click on your name to edit your information and password or to log off and end your session.

Click HERE to download the tutorial.

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