What is GuideStar and how do I run a Charity Check?

GuideStar Exchange

The GuideStar Exchange Program is an online database (unaffiliated with the foundation) that allows nonprofits to keep current core data in one place (e.g. board of directors, IRS Form 990, Audited Financial Statements, etc.). Each organization has a report; a devoted web page that allows funders and the general public to access the information. There is no cost for nonprofit organizations; any nonprofit can update its report for free. Maintaining an up-to-date GuideStar Exchange Report provides nonprofits the opportunity to connect with current and potential supporters.

Your GLM software integrates GuideStar Exchange information with grant application processes designed to streamline processes saving time and resources for nonprofits and funders.

You may run a GuideStar Charity Check by clicking on Search from the top navigation menu in your Live site and selecting GuideStar:

Enter the organization’s tax ID and click the Search button.

If the organization has a GuideStar Profile, the profile information will populate in your search results. Please note that charity checks completed on this page are not saved in the organization’s history. To create an audit trail of Charity Checks complete, please run the Charity check from the organization’s summary.

When running the Charity Check within an Organization Summary the Charity Check will automatically run based on the Tax ID number housed in the Organization’s Summary.

On the Organization Summary page, scroll down to the GuideStar Charity Check tab and click Run Charity Check.

The GuideStar profile will generate a Download PDF option to the right of the Run Charity Check button. Click on Download PDF button to view more specific information regarding the organization.

To view the audit trail of charity checks run for the organization, click the Verification Log link. Click on the Details link to view the Charity Check information as recorded on the date/time the Charity Check was run.

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