Managing Duplicate Contacts

Even though your site will not allow an individual to create a duplicate contact record that uses an email address that is already in the system, duplicate contacts can occur for a number of reasons.

The easiest way of dealing with duplicate contact records is to deactivate any duplicates, leaving a single record for each individual. 

  • Before doing this, you need to assign all of the requests associated with any of the duplicate contacts to a single contact that you will not deactivate. 

The following steps should allow you to combine any duplicate contact records.

  1. Move all of the requests that are associated with a duplicate contact record to a single contact that you will keep. This can be achieved by reassigning all requests to the contact that will be kept active.
    • The Reassign To function can be found under Advanced Options which appear in the Request Summary (the page you get to after clicking on the Project Name).
  1. Once you have assigned all of the requests to a single contact, deactivate the duplicates of that contact. This can be done clicking the green toggle button located to the right of their name as it is listed on the Users page.You may need to merge organizations if the user created two separate accounts. In order to use the "Reassign To" function, the users have to be located in the same organization.

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