Organization Summary Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how Organizations, Users, and Requests work together to create an Organization Summary record in the system.

GLM keeps a record of all Organizations, Applicants and Requests entered into the system. We like to think of your site as a big file cabinet that holds all the records that are entered into it. Each organization is a drawer in that cabinet and each request for funding is like a file in the drawer.

Organization Summary

The Organization Summary page holds all of the information about that organization including it's contact information, contacts and request history as well as the information in the list below. The sections on the organization summary page are:

  1. Summary – organization contact information
  2. Contacts – active & inactive – add, edit & email organization contacts
  3. Application and Grant History – access grant history
  4. Guidestar Charity Check – run and review previously run Charity Checks from Guidestar.
  5. 990 Forms Available – access 990s available from Guidestar.
  6. Organization Comments – comments added by an administrator
  7. Organization Documents – documents added by an administrator
  8. Description – description set my administrator

The Summary section of the Organization Summary page includes:

  1. Organization Address
  2. Primary Contact
  3. Website
  4. Phone Number
  5. Email
  6. DUNS #
  7. Tax ID # - EIN
  8. Last Updated Date – the last date the organization information was updated.
  9. Organization Email History – this includes every email that has been sent to any person attached to this organization through GLM.

The Contacts section of the Organization Summary page shows a list of all the active and inactive users attached to this organization. The list includes:

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Email
  4. Phone Number
  5. Send Email Icon
  6. Edit Profile Icon
  7. Deactivate/Activate User Icons

Administrators can manually enter contacts for this organization by clicking the Add Contact button.

The Inactive Contacts section of the Organization Summary page shows a list of all the users that have been deactivated by an administrator.

The Application and Grant History section of the Organization Summary page shows a list of all the requests assigned to applicants within this organization. This list includes:

  1. Decision Date
  2. Process Name
  3. Project Name
  4. Grant Type – one-time, installment or matching
  5. Request Status – the current status of the grant. i.e. approved, denied, abandoned
  6. Granted – the amount the grant was approved for
  7. Paid – the amount that has been logged as paid on this grant

Administrators can also manually enter grants for this organization by clicking the Enter Grant button.

The Guidestar Charity Check section allows the administrator to run Charity Check as well as access previously run checks using the Verification Log link. The Available 990 Forms section allows an administrator to access 990 forms available from Foundation Center.

The Organization Comments and Description sections are entered by an administrator. Organization Documents are also uploaded by an administrator and can be shown to applicants if View Organization History feature is turned on.

Organization Contacts and Request Owners

An organization can have multiple contacts attached to it. One contact can be marked as the Primary Contact. Any contact that has created an account will be attached to the organization as an Applicant/Organization Contact. Applicants who have started and/or submitted a request are Request Owners.

Organization Primary Contact - This contact will be listed as the primary in print packets and will receive mail merge documents when the administrator selects the Organization Primary Contact as the recipient for those documents.

Request OwnerThis contact will receive any automated email sent in regards to the request. This is the only contact who has the ability to edit forms assigned to this request, except follow ups. Follow Up forms can be assigned to any contact within an organization.

Applicant/Organization Contact – This contact can be sent email from GLM. They can also be assigned to complete follow up forms for requests owned by other contacts. If the View Organization History feature is turned on, this contact will also have access to this tool.

Request Summary

The Request Summary page is like a file in the drawer of your file cabinet that holds all the information about each funding request, including:

  1. Organization, Project and Process Name
  2. Request and Contact Email History
  3. The contact that "owns" the request or "Request Owner".
  4. Guidestar Charity Check – this tool is also accessible in the request summary.
  5. Application process status
  6. Request Documents
  7. Grant Follow Up Assigned
  8. Payment Summary
  9. Request Comments

The Organization link will take you to the Organization Summary page.

The Application Process Status section of the Request Summary page show the process stages that this request has gone through and allows you to access and review each of those forms. It also includes the current status of each form, the initial submission, last modified and decision dates.

The Status Change Log link is also accessible in this section of the page. The Status Change Log shows you the date, time, status, and who the status was changed by as the request has moved through the system.

The Request Documents section is a place administrators can upload documents associated with this request. (i.e. site visits and letters of recommendation) Request documents can also be shown to the applicant by clicking the Show Applicant this Document box when the file is being uploaded.

Grant Follow Ups are forms assigned to a contact from the organization after a request is approved. The Grant Follow Ups Assigned section of the Request Summary page shows the form name, if it is attached to the overall grant or a specific installment, the due date, who it is assigned to and form status. Administrators can view the form by clicking on the Review icon, edit the assignment information by clicking on the Edit icon or delete the follow up form by clicking on the Red X. They can also assign another follow up by clicking on the Add Follow Up button.

The Payment Summary section of the Request Summary page includes:

  1. Grant Amount
  2. Grant Type
  3. Due Date
  4. Payment Date
  5. Payment Amount

Administrators can make or edit a payment by clicking on the Make/View Payment link.

The Request Comments section of the Request Summary Page is an area the administrator can enter comments about this request. These comments are visible to board members but will not be seen by the applicant.

Please Click Here to download the full Organization Summary Tutorial.


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