Can a grantee re-use an Abandoned application?

An applicant would not be able to edit or submit an abandoned LOI or Application. However, they would be able to view it and copy and paste information into a new LOI or application.

The other option is that you, as an administrator, are able to change the status from Abandoned back to draft if you would prefer to do that.

Here are the steps to change the status:

  1. Go to Search Requests.
  2. Enter criteria specific to the request you're looking for so the system knows what to search for.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Find the request for which you wish to change the status.
  5. Click on the Project Name link.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Request Summary page and find the Advanced Options box.
  7. Click anywhere in the box to expand it.
  8. Click on the drop down arrow to the left of the Change Status button to select the appropriate option.
  9. Click Change Status and the request will be sent back to status you chose which will most likely be the previous status.

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