Change, Retrieve, Set New Password

Users can change their own passwords by:

  1. Clicking on their name in the top right hand corner of their screen
  2. Selecting Edit Profile.
Administrators can change a user's password by:

  1. Go to Users in the navigation list.
  2. Click on the box next to the type of User you're looking for and click Search.
    Refine your search by entering the user's First name, Last name, Email (Login), and/or Organization at the top.
  3. After searching you'll be presented with a list of users that meet your search criteria.
  4. Click the Edit Icon next to the user you wish to modify.
  5. At the bottom of the page will be two Password boxes. Erase their current password and enter the new password in both password boxes.
    Passwords are hidden and will look like this: (••••••••).
  6. After changing the password click Save and send the user their new password.

Applicants can retrieve a forgotten password by:
  1. At the Logon Page, click on Forgot your Password.
  2. Enter your Email Address in the text box below the Log On button and click Send Reset Link.
  3. An email from will be sent to your email address.

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