Merging Duplicate Organizations

Merging Duplicate Organizations:

  1. Click on Organizations in the navigation list.
  2. Find the duplicate organizations. (You may wish to sort the list of organizations by name which can be done by clicking on the "ORGANIZATION" heading. You may also find it helpful to sort the list by "TAX ID".)
  3. Once you have found the organizations that need merged, select them by clicking the check boxnext to the organization name.
  4. Click Merge Selected Organizations.
  5. Select the Organization you would like to keep as the Primary Organization. (The system will use the Name, Tax ID, Contact Information, Organization Description and Primary Contact from this Organization.)
  6. Click Finish Merge.
  7. Type "MERGE" in the box and click OK. (This is to keep you from accidentally merging organizations by mistake.)
Things that will be merged:
  • Contacts
  • Application and Grant History
  • Past Charity Checks
  • Organization Comments
  • Organization Documents

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