How do I manage users?


GLM has a number of tools to help administrators manage users. Below is a brief description of the different ways to manage users in GLM. Following that is a list of resources that will help you use the tools that are available. As always, if you are not sure how to do something in GLM, please contact or your organization's customer success manager.

Description of Ways to Manage Users

There are four different types of user roles that can be assigned to users and each has a different level of access in the system. You have the ability to customize the names of roles within GLM, however, our support team must make these custom changes for you.

Should a user forget their username (email address) there is a quick way to search and access the user profile. Administrators may also login as the user should they need to proxy in as that user. This can be done from the User's page or the Organization Summary page.


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