Copying a Process: The Checklist


Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: November 14th, 2018

The following is a checklist of items in order to ensure you don't miss any steps in when creating a new process from an existing one.  Once you’ve copied the process make sure that you:

  • Update the actual name of the new process. This could mean including the new cycle’s fiscal year, season, quarter, and/or round.  Or you might change the name of the process entirely if you are using the new process for a different type of grant or scholarship.
  • Update the names of all the forms in your process to reflect the new name of the process. NOTE: The form names should always include the specific name of the process in them so you can easily identify the most up-to-date forms in your site
  • Update the Start Date and End Date for the process, if applicable
  • Update the Budget amount for the process, if applicable
  • Edit the Process Description so anywhere that timelines or dates are referenced, you’ve updated to the most recent dates
  • Edit the forms in the process (LOI, Application, Follow-ups) so anywhere in your questions or instructions that timelines or dates are referenced, you’ve updated to the most recent dates
    • NOTE: If you utilize an Eligibility Form you may want to have a conversation with your CSM about best practices related to copying your Eligibility Form forward separately vs just re-opening the Eligibility Form.
  • Adjust the Form Deadlines to the correct dates, if applicable
  • Add/Remove reviewers from evaluator pools if utilzing the Evaluation stages for online review
  • Edit any email templates so anywhere that timelines or dates are referenced in the email body or subject line, you’ve updated to the most recent dates; Edit cc: lines or signature, if necessary, in your email templates
  • Edit or “tweak” the forms in your process based on feedback from applicants, your staff or board from the previous cycle.   You can also remove forms in the new process entirely and replace them with a brand new form or copy a form from other processes.  Now is a good time to streamline/right-size your forms further if you need to!  Read “Right-Sizing the Grantmaking Process” to learn more about why and how to create right-sized application processes
    • NOTE: If you are going to be adding new questions to forms in more than one process, consider using the “boat” method so that your background reporting field codes stay synced:  (The 'Boat Method')
  • Last, and most important, don’t forget to toggle your process to “On” so that applicants can see it on the Apply page. It must be turned on before they can start applying!