What is wrong with the formatting of my question?

"Bad HTML" is caused by cutting or copying and pasting text into the Foundant software. If this text contains formatting this formatting can be pasted with it. This formatting can be the cause of errors on the applicant facing pages. If you have an applicant who has contacted you because their application will not save or the SAVE button does not appear correctly, this "Bad HTML" is the likely culprit.

In an effort to keep this "Bad HTML" from corrupting your questions it is recommended to utilize Google Chrome as your web browser. As you saw in the video, you can "Paste as Plain Text" when Chrome is your web browser. When you "Paste as Plain Text" it strips all formatting from the text. Once you add this text to your question you can utilize the tools in the software to bold, underline, indent, etc.

If you believe there is "Bad HTML" in your forms you will want to review each and every one of your forms. Look for fonts that appear slightly different and/or the grey bars that you saw in the video.

If you do not have access to Google Chrome you can CUT the text out and PASTE it into your Notepad. Notepad strips all formatting from text. COPY this text out of your Clipboard and then PASTE it into your question.

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