Linking Text in the Rich Text Editor

Linking Text in Editor Tutorial: 

1. Highlight the text you would like to attach the link to.

2. Click on the link (chain) icon.

3. Enter the web address of the hosted document into the pop up box.

4. Click Insert

5. When you are finished the question will look like this:

In all of our forms we have the ability for linking to documents stored on web sites. You can also include a link in the process description.

What this means is the foundation can store templates on their web site and we can link to those from the LOI, Application, Evaluation and Follow up. In the question we will insert the link so the applicant can simply click on the link, get directed to the template, fill the template out, save it and upload it to the question.

  • NOTE: When adding templates for applicants to use, you may want to save them in an older format of Word, Excel, etc. to accommodate everyone clicking that link. Microsoft products allow you to save in older formats by choosing "97-2003" when saving the template.


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