How to Make a Question Required


This tutorial provides the instructions on how to make a question required. Requiring a question allows the applicant to save the application without answering the question but in order to submit the form they must answer all the questions marked as required.

Making a Question Required

To make a question required follow these steps:

  1. Click on Process Manager in the Navigation List
  2. Click on the Process with the form you wish to have the required question on.
  3. Click on the Process Stage that contains the from. (LOI, Application, Decision, Follow Ups)
  4. Click on Edit next to the form you wish to have the required question on.
  5. Click on the Edit Icon to the right of the question.
  6. Change the Required Type to Required.
  7. Click Save Question.

Note: All required questions will have an * after their name. In this example Project Description will now display on the form as Project Description*

Please Click Here to download the full How to Require Questions Tutorial.


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