Why can't I edit my form?


When a form has been used by an applicant it is locked and not all parts of it can be edited. However, if a form has been used, at any time an Administrator is still able to delete questions from that form which have yet to be answered, as well as instructions, divider lines, or questions groups that do not contain answered questions.

Locked from editing

Here are the items that become locked from editing after a form has been used:

  • Cannot delete an answered question
  • Cannot delete questions groups that contain a question that has been answered
  • Form cannot be deactivated or deleted.
  • Drop down, Radio button, checkbox lists, nested lists and scoring question list options cannot be changed (As of 5.0, these list options may not be edited, even if the question has not been used)
  • Scoring question low and high values cannot be changed.

NOTE: If a question is answered while an Administrator is trying to delete that question, the Administrator will get a notification that says the question has been answered and they will not be able to delete it.

Able to edit

Here are the items that are still able to be edited after a form has been used:

  • Question Labels
  • Instructions
  • Re-order questions and question groups
  • Add a Question
  • Make a question required or not required
  • Form name
  • MiB file upload limits
  • Character limits (although character limits may not be decreased on shared questions, only increased. If a character limit is increased for a shared question it causes the same change for the shared question on all the forms it is on within the same process).

Shared Questions

Shared questions can be deleted from any form they belong on.

  • If a shared question has an answer when it is deleted, it will be marked as "deleted" and the Administrator will be able to add it back to the form without losing any data. The deleted shared question will not show up on any form, in form builder (except when adding shared questions), print packets, or reporting.
  • If a shared question does not have any answers when it is deleted, it will actually be deleted when the Administrator deletes it from a form. It will only be deleted on the form that the Administrator is editing.

**If you want to edit items that are locked from editing after a form has been used make a copy of the form and edit the copy.

Click Here to learn how to copy forms. Click Here to learn how to copy a process.

Please Click Here to download the full tutorial.


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