How to Archive and Un-Archive a Process


This tutorial provides the steps on how to archive a process within GLM.

Things to note before archiving a process:

  • The process must be deactivated to be archived
  • An archived process can be moved back to the active list
  • Applicants will still be able to access their requests – All Data in an archived process is still available through reporting, search requests, etc.

Archiving a process makes it so:

  • The process will be moved off of the list of active processes - Using this feature will help keep the process list clean, especially if there are a lot of processes.
  • Process Cannot be activated – Please note that processes which are active cannot be archived
  • Workflow of requests from the Process will not be stopped. They will continue as normal. To prevent this it is necessary to mark the requests outstanding as abandoned. Please see the tutorial on that.

Note: When a process or group of process is archived, the process(es) will end up at the top of the archived list. When they are un-archived, they will show up at the bottom of the available list.

Archive a Process

To archive a process follow these steps:

  1. Click on Process Manager in the Navigation List
  2. Use the Checkboxes to the left of the process to select the processes you wish to archive. WARNING: CLICKING THE RED X WILL DELETE THE PROCESS NOT ARCHIVE IT
  3. The archived processes are now under the Archived grouping.

Un-archive a Process

To un-archive a process follow these steps:

  1. Once in Process Manager (see step 1 above) click on Archived in order to expand it
  2. Select the processes you wish to restore using the checkboxes and press Restore Selected to return them to the Available processes group.
Please Click Here to download the full tutorial.

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