How to Move from Demo to Live


This tutorial provides the steps required when to move processes, forms and email templates from the Demo site to the Live site, also known as the Production site. Processes, forms and email templates can also be moved from your live site into your demo site so you can edit and test them in the demo environment.

Step One: Specify which Processes, Forms and Email Templates you want moved you would like moved in Process Manager.
In order to move a process from one environment to another you will need to specify which processes, forms and email templates you would like to be moved.

You will need to send the following information:

  • Process Name
  • Form Name or
  • Email Template Name

Find the Process Name by clicking on the Process Manager link in the Navigation List. The processes are listed on the Process Manager Page as pictured below:

Find the Form Name by following these steps:

  1. Click on Process Manager.
  2. Click on the Forms tab.
  3. Click on the expandable group for the form type.

Find the Email Template Name by clicking on Email Templates in the Navigation List.

Email the list to with "Request to Move Forms from Demo Site to Live Site" as the email subject and Foundant staff will move the forms for you.

Part Two: Adding Forms, Evaluators and Email Templates to Processes

When processes are moved from one environment to another, evaluators and email templates do not move with them. You will need to add these back to the process before you turn it on.

Please Click Here to download the full tutorial.

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