What is a Nested List?

What is a Nested List?

A nested list is a question type that allows administrators to have multiple levels of preset lists for the applicant to answer. Based on the selected answer from the first list, a second list will appear and an answer can be selected from that list and so on. GLM allows for up to 5 layers of lists to be created.

Nested List Restrictions

Often times, administrators would like to have an answer option of "Other". If the applicant selects this choice they would like to have a text box appear to type in their "Other". This is not possible in GLM. Nested lists can only used with predetermined lists.

The best use for nested lists is to have short answers for the applicant to choose from as shown in the screen shots above. 1 or 2 word answers show up nicely in reports and are usable. Nested lists should not be used when the list of answers is long, such a sentence for each answer option. This information will not be useful when it comes time to build reports.

Adding Nested Lists To Your Site

By default, the nested list question type is not available in you site. You will need to ask your Client Success Manager or contact support@foundant.com to have this feature turned on.

Building Nested Lists

To add a nested list question type to a form follow these steps:

  1. Click on Process Manager
  2. Click on the Process Name
  3. Click on the Process Stage the question will be added to
  4. Click the Edit button on the process stage
  5. Click the Add New Question button
  6. Select the Nested List question type. This is only an option if the feature has been turned on.
  7. Set the question fields: Label, Instructions, Visibility, Required Type
  8. Click the Add Question button
  9. Click the Add List Icon
  10. Enter the Category Label and first Answer List Options and click Add Question
  11. Click on the drop down list and select an answer to set the answer list if this answer is chosen.
  12. Click The Add List Icon
  13. Enter the Category Label and Answer List Options and click Add Question
  14. Repeat these instructions until you have added lists for each answer option needed.
Please Click Here to download the full Nested List Tutorial.

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