How to Add New Questions to a Form

To Add New Questions to a form follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Process Manager which is in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on the process name that you would like to add questions to.
  3. Click on the Form Stage (LOI, Application, Decisions, or Follow Up)
  4. Click on the Edit Icon to go to the form builder page.
  5. Click on the Add New Question button.
  6. Select the Question Type.
  7. Fill out the question fields for that question type. (i.e. label instructions, text length, file size, list items, visibility, required type)
  8. Click Add Question.

Below is a list of the types of questions that are available to add to a form:

  1. Text Box – short answer text box
  2. Text Area – long answer text area, paragraphs, pages or lists
  3. Checkbox List (Multi-Select) – a list of answers from which the applicant can choose more than one answer
  4. Drop Down List – a long list of answers for the applicant to choose from (they can only choose one)
  5. Radio Button List – a short list of answers for the applicant to choose from
  6. Nested list – multiple layers of preset lists the applicant can choose from - This question type is turned off by default. Contact to have it turned on.
  7. Scoring – creates a number scale for rating a statement
  8. Integer – accepts only whole numbers, not decimals, fractions, or other text
  9. Currency – has a dollar sign and accepts only numbers, decimals and commas
  10. Date – provides a pop-up calendar and accepts only dates
  11. URL - must be in a format like "", "", or ""
  12. Email - should use the format (or .org, .net, etc.)
  13. File Upload – allows applicant to upload documents
  14. Text And Upload – applicant can write answer or upload a document or both
  15. Divider Line – a formatting black divider line to separate groups of questions
  16. Instruction – no answer needed. This is just an instruction for the applicant

Questions can be organized into Question Groups. To add a new group click on the Add Group button.

Questions and Groups can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

Questions can be moved from one question group to another by dragging them to hover over the desired question group. Once in that group they will need to be placed in the correct order.

Please Click Here to download the full Process Manager Tutorial.


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