Grant Request Workflow

This answer describes the stages of a grant request goes through as it moves through the GLM system. The number of stages in a grant request is dependent on the forms the administrator chooses in the process. Grant requests can go through a maximum of 5 forms prior to being Approved/Denied. The 5 forms are: Letter of Inquiry (LOI), LOI Evaluation, Application, Staff Evaluation, and Board Evaluation. Forms are built in Process Manager at each stage of the process. Forms used in other processes can also be copied.


The Dashboard allows administrators to see how many grant requests are in the various stages of their grant cycle. Administrators are able to open and view all requests in these stages and view all information associated with the requests.

Each stage (LOI, Application and Evaluations) has its own group. Within these groups there are links to the different statuses of a request. If there is a request in a form status that status becomes a clickable link for the administrator to view a list of all requests in that status (i.e. draft, submitted, and complete).

Process Stages

Administrators choose the forms and stages for each process. A process can begin with an LOI or the administrator can choose to skip this step. In this case the request starts at the application stage. The application stage cannot be skipped. The LOI and Application stages function very similarly. The LOI stage can have 1 evaluation stage added to it. By default LOI evaluation is turned off.

Application Stage

The Application Submitted Stage is where all submitted forms stay until reviewed by the administrator. Application review is where administrators will mark applications Complete or Not Complete. Administrators can also comment on each question for evaluators and/or applicants to see.

  1. Application Not Completewill send the request back to the draft stage so applicants can make changes. After selecting Application Not Complete administrators will want to send an email to the applicant informing them there are changes to be made. Applicants are then able to log back into the system and Edit the Application.
  2. Application Complete will move the request on to the next step which is Complete. At the Application Complete stage, evaluations can be assigned. A Set Evaluators button will appear at the bottom of the page which can be used to assign evaluators to the application.
  3. Administrators can also Deny the application at the review level. Denying an application will stop the request from moving further in the grant process and it will be moved to the Denial Draft bucket. From here the administrator will be able to officially mark the request as Denied and the request can then be accessed using the Requests and Decisions tool.
  4. Return to Application Submitted takes the administrator back to the list of applications submitted and in need of review.

Application Evaluation Stage

Once a request is marked Complete, the request will move to the Application Complete bucket. The request can now be assigned to evaluators for review and evaluation. Once evaluators are assigned the application will move to the Assigned bucket in the Application Evaluation stage. Application Evaluation has two sub categories, Assigned and Closed.

  1. Evaluations Assigned is where requests reside evaluations are complete and an administrator closes the evaluations.
  2. Evaluations Closed is where requests will reside when an administrator marks them Closed. When evaluations are closed, evaluators will no longer have the ability to edit their evaluation forms.
  3. While in the Application Evaluation Closedbucket the request will be Approved or Denied.

Approval Stage

When an administrators clicks the Approve button the request moves the into the Approval stage on the dashboard. This stage has draft and approved buckets.

  1. Approval Draft is where requests reside until the administrator has answered all of the required approval questions and clicks the Approve button.
  2. Approval Approved is where requests reside after they have been approved until an administrator assigns follow up forms to these requests.

Denial Stage

When an administrators clicks the Deny button the request moves the into the Denial Draft stage on the dashboard. Requests will remain in the Denial Draft stage until an administrator has answered all of the required denial questions and clicks the Deny button.

Follow Ups Stage

The Follow Ups Stage is where approved requests reside after an administrator has assigned a follow up form to them.

  1. Follow Up Draft is where requests reside when a follow up form has been assigned to a contact within the approved organization.. Requests will reside in this status until the person assigned the form submits the completed follow up.
  2. Follow Up Submitted is where requests reside when they have been submitted by the assigned person. They will reside in this bucket until an administrator marked them complete or incomplete.
  3. Follow Up Complete Once an administrator has reviewed a follow up form and decided they do not need any additional information from the assigned person they will mark the follow up complete.

Closed Grants

After all assigned follow ups have been marked complete and you will not need any more information about this grant we suggest closing the grant. Closed grants are not removed from the system. They will not show up on the active dashboard because they are no longer "Active". Closed requests can be accessed using the Requests & Decisions tool in the navigation list. To access Closed requests follow these steps:

  1. Click on Requests & Decisionsin the navigation list.
  2. Enter your search criteria, if applicable.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Closed.
  4. Click the Search button.

Please Click Here to download the Grant Request Workflow Tutorial.

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