Process Status Bar

The Process Status Bar shows up in the Process Manager and on the Update Process page of each process. This bar changes color as you complete set up for each stage and is meant to show you which stages of the process have been completely set up and which stages have not. There are four stage colors: green, yellow, red, and grey.

Stage Colors -There are 4 stage colors. Each color represents the level of set-up completion for that stage.
Red – Not Ready
  • A form has not been added to this stage.
  • This stage of the process is not ready.
Yellow – Not Finished
  • A form has been added but there is additional work needed at this stage.
Green – Ready
  • All set-up for this stage has been completed.

Grey – Not Using

  • This stage has been turned off because it will not be used in this process.
  • It is only possible to turn off the LOI stage, Application Evaluations and Follow Up Stages
  • Automatic emails for each stage can also be turned off.

Status Bar in Process Manager

Status Bar on Update Process Page


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