What are Shared Questions and how to do I add them to a form?

Shared Questions are questions that are asked on one form in a process then carried forward onto another form in the same process. The response entered for Shared Questions is also carried forward. (i.e. Project Name is shared question that is carried onto every form. The applicant answers this question on the LOI or Application and their answer is carried onto every other form in the process.)

Any question on any form can become a Shared Question. (i.e. If I ask Amount Requested on the LOI and add it as a Shared Question to the Application the question automatically becomes a Shared Question.)

Administrators have the ability to make a Shared Question read-only so the applicant can see their response on a previous form but cannot edit it.

Adding New Questions to a Form

Once questions have been added to a form, they can be "Shared" onto another form. Sharing a question will copy the question and response from the form it was originally asked on to the form it is being shared on. After a question is shared the administrator may choose to change the visibility or requirement option of the shared question. (i.e. A use-case for this is to ask for amount requested on the LOI, share the question onto the application so the applicant can see their answer. The administrator can make the question read only if they do not want the applicant to be able to edit it.)

To add shared questions to a form follow these steps:

  1. Click on Process Manager
  2. Click on the Process Name
  3. Click on the Process Stage you would like to add the question to.
  4. Click the Add Shared Question button.
  5. Click the radio button to the left of the question label.
  6. Click the Add Selected Question button.

The question will added to the form. It will be marked by the Shared Question Icon. The question will be copied with the same visibility and requirement settings as the original question so it may need to be edited.

To edit a shared question follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit Icon to the far right of the question label.
  2. The following fields can be edited:
    1. Label – can be edited but the change will be made on every form the question appear on.
    1. Instructions – can be edited. Only affects the copy.
    1. Visibility – can be edited. Only affects the copy.
    1. Required Type – can be edited. Only affects the copy.
    1. Maximum Text Length – can be increased. Only affects the copy.
    1. List Options – cannot be edited.
  3. Click the Save Question button.
Please Click Here to download the Shared Questions Tutorial.

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