GuideStar Updates for Churches & Religious Organizations

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 21st, 2018

GuideStar has changed the way that churches and religious organizations are labeled in GuideStar Charity Check. This change is reflected at GuideStar’s website Charity Check search tool, and will be available in GLM charity checks this fall.  The new language makes these organizations’ tax-exempt status clear, which benefits both the nonprofits and the people who are interested in supporting them.

Per Guidestar: Although technically accurate, the old Charity Check language only told half the story. It failed to acknowledge that churches and religious organizations are automatically tax exempt. Without this information, the statements that a church or religious organization did not appear in the BMF (business master file) or Pub 78 (Exempt Organizations Select Check) seemed to call the nonprofit’s legitimacy into question. The new language states: This organization has provided GuideStar with the documentation indicating that it is a church or religious organization.

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