Form Due Dates

When adding a Form to a Process, you will see the option to add a Due Date to the form. You can either set this option to Not Using or select a Specific Date

Selecting Specific Date will bring up three more fields you must define before using the deadline.

  • First, you can select the date and time of your due date.
  • Next, you can adjust the Time Zone if necessary. By default, this will be set to your Foundations timezone.  
  • Finally, you can decide if you would like this deadline to be a Hard Deadline. Turning this toggle on means that no applicant will be able to submit after the deadline.
    • Having a Soft Deadline, or not turning this toggle on means that applicants will be notified of the deadline, but will still be able to submit a request after it has passed.

If you do choose to use a Hard Deadline, you do have the ability to adjust this deadline for individual requests.

  • Do this by selecting the “Edit Deadline” pencil icon to the right of the Hard Deadline toggle.
  • On the Update Deadlines page, select the checkbox next to the requests you would like to edit,
  • And set the new deadline in the New Deadline box
  • You may adjust as many deadlines as necessary, and then select save to finalize the changes.

Please note Form deadlines only affect the specific form they are assigned to, and will not be affected by a Process Start and End Date.

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