Eligibility Center: Results

  • In the Eligibility Results tab you can view applicants pass/fail status for each process for each Eligibility Form submitted.
    • For example: If an applicant submits an eligibility quiz that is tied to 10 processes the applicant would appear in the eligibility results page 10 times - one time for each process. The applicant will have a Pass/Fail status for each process.


  • The main functionality on this tab is the ability for the administrator to retest Eligibility. There are a couple scenarios that may lead to retesting:
    • An eligibility rule has changed,
    • Additional eligibility rules have been added, or
    • An applicant has notified you that one or more of their eligibility responses have changed.
      • For example the applicant has received a new ACT score.
      • In this scenario the administrator would want to update the applicant’s eligibility response(s) prior to retesting.
        • Do this by clicking the paper icon next to the applicable Applicant/ Form/Process.
        • Make any desired updates and click Save.
    • Once you are ready to retest, click the Retest Eligibility icon to the right of the applicant, form and process.
      • Upon retest completion a Eligibility Rules Test popup will appear reflecting if the retest was a pass, or if it was a fail.
        • If the applicant failed, the popup will be a summary of the EQ rules that were failed.
    • You can also retest in batch by selecting all of the results you would like to retest, scrolling down to Batch Actions and choosing Retest Eligibility.
      • Please note that when retesting in batch the Eligibility Rules Test popup will not appear, instead any result changes will automatically be reflected in the status column.
    • When a retest is performed, the applicant will be able to see and apply to any processes where the eligibility status changed from failed to passed.
    • Please note that only eligibility submissions with “Submitted” status may be retested.
  • It is important to note that the Status Date column reflects the date of the current status.
    • This may be the date of the original submission or the date a retest was performed and the status changed.
      • If a retest is performed and the status does not change the status date will not change.

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