Custom Grants Manager Permissions


Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: August 19th, 2019

The custom Grants Manager roles feature give administrators the ability to edit the permissions of each Grant Manager in the system. You may edit the default for all Grants Managers from the Search Users page, or for an individual Grant Manager from the Update User page.

To edit the default Grants Manager role for all Grants Managers in the system go to the Search Users page, and select the edit pencil next to the Grants Manager role.

  • Remember that you can rename these roles and this may not be titled Grant Manager within your site.

From the Grants Manager Settings page you can now turn any of the following features Off or On.

If you would like to edit an individual Grant Managers user roles, select the Edit User pencil icon from the Search Users or User Summary page. At the bottom of the Update User page, you will see the Roles box and an edit pencil next to the Grants Manager role.

This will bring you to the Grants Manager Settings page for this specific user. Here you can see what the default permissions are and select individual permissions for this user if desired.

  • A user's individual permissions will always override the system defaults.

You may return to the Update User page by selecting users name at the top of the page in blue text.