Manually Assign a Follow Up

  1. Click into the workload page where the request is currently housed (could be in Approved, Follow Up Draft, Follow Up Submitted, Follow Up Complete.)
  2. Click on the Project Name of the grant you want to assign a follow up.
  3. Click on the Follow Ups tab on the Request Summary page. If other follow ups have been assigned you will see them listed here.
  4. Click Assign Follow Ups
  5. Select the Follow Up Form(s) to assign.
  6. Select the installment to attach the follow up to (only for installment grants).*Optional*
  7. Select the user to Assign to fill out the follow up.
  8. Enter the Due Date.
  9. Click Assign Selected Follow Ups when done.

NOTE: Follow Ups must be completed in order according to their due date. When multiple follow ups are assigned, the grantee will not be able to edit the next one until the current follow up is marked complete by the administrator.

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